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Veritas PM-V11 Plane Blades
Among woodworkers, hand plane users are arguably the most demanding of their tools. After all, one of the uses of hand planes is to produce surfaces that are ready for finish and reflect the level of craftsmanship that has gone into the project.

To achieve finish-quality surfaces, a sharp edge on your plane blade is critical; however, maintaining a sharp edge can be time consuming, even with the appropriate sharpening equipment. All woodworkers have wrestled with the question of when to stop planing with a blade and invest the time in sharpening it before continuing.
The process of selecting an alloy for our next generation of plane blades started with a clean sheet of paper and an ear to what woodworkers were looking for: a blade that held a fine and durable edge, yet did not require a costly investment in new sharpening technologies.
With Veritas PM-V11 plane blades, we have hit the sweet spot in balancing performance and ease of sharpening (and of course cost).
Like all Veritas O1 and A2 blades, PM-V11 blades are fully lapped and ready for final honing.
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